Legal Sea Foods Celebrates Cannabis

An unlikely pairing?!?


Legal Sea Foods, as in the Boston-based seafood restaurant chain, recently launched an interesting campaign featuring cannabis which is now legal in Massachusetts. Note “legal.” Also note in this video: “Welcome to Legal.”

“Freshly baked.” Ha! “Welcome to Legal.” Indeed!

But that’s with the 4:20? I’m not personally in the cannabis culture, so I had to do some digging to understand this code. Found this informative article on Huffington Post!

Turns out that “420” was police code for someone using marijuana. Marijuana culture (and I suppose now cannabis culture) picked up on it to make 4/20 (April 20th) a bit of a holiday and for 4:20pm to become a bit of a ritual.

You learn something new everyday!

But back to Legal Sea Foods. I find it interesting that a restaurant chain would capitalize on a pop culture milestone, shall we say, by linking its name and, well, its food. Smart thinking, and some national attention.

What’s your experience? JIM