Old Spice "Friend"


Old Spice is continuing its successful “Swagger” campaign with a new series of videos with the theme “never let a friend lose his swagger.” In the videos, we see guys getting caught up in life and losing their mojo as a result. And then a friend pops in to “rescue” him. Here’s the first one that I saw, and it’s very entertaining:

The video series shows a few different scenarios. The one above was about being a couch potato, and this one is about getting absorbed in work:

And if you know me, then you won’t be surprised that this last one is my favorite. It’s about being a new dad:

I love that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, and really never has. Old Spice has had a very consistent brand voice, and this campaign is merely the latest example. Well done in my book.

What’s your experience? JIM