Acceptance Street in NYC


World Pride in New York City and Pride Month in general is long over but I’m still remembering a few of my favorite things. Like the incredible rainbow balloons marching down 5th Avenue. Like the overflowing bars and pubs with people from all over the world who came to celebrate inclusion. And of course “Acceptance Street.”

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a short little street in the heart of Greenwich Village NYC called “Gay Street.” Although it was likely named after a family back in the day, it’s proximity to Stonewall has made it a fan favorite and IG hit.

This year in honor of World Pride, the New York City Commission on Human Rights in cooperation with MasterCard renamed the street “Acceptance Street.” I saw it with my own two eyes! Although I didn’t IG it because we were rushing by. Next time!

Fabulous doesn’t even describe it. But I guess Pride does. I want to live THERE, no matter where THERE is!

What’s your experience? JIM