Burger King "Real Meals"

Here’s another post about Burger King, but this one isn’t Impossible


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Burger King is partnering with a nonprofit called Mental Health America to send a very clear message: no one is happy all of the time.

So instead of creating “Happy Meals,” the brand has created a series of “Real Meals,” all with Whoppers and fries inside (plus a drink). While the meals are all the same, the boxes are different depending on one’s mood:

  • Pissed

  • Blue

  • Salty

  • YAAS

  • DGAF (short for “don’t give a …”)

The hashtag is a take on the brand’s “Have It Your Way” with #FeelYourWay. Really clever. Some have said it’s a slam against McDonald’s but I don’t see it that way. It’s a vote for understanding mental health and how real life works. Appropriately timed with an appropriate and purposeful partner.

It’s ok not to be happy all the time. #FeelYourWay. What’s your experience? JIM