The Impossible Whopper


Apparently the Impossible is possible at Burger King. The brand announced the national US rollout of their vegan Impossible Whopper and it’s having a big impact. Other QSR (quick service restaurant) companies have explored this possibility, but it appears that Burger King is putting a bigger, more Impossible stamp on it as a brand tie-in. Pretty smart. Plus don’t you just love the name?!?

In other QSR news, Wendy’s also announced a new menu addition this week with yet another brand tie-in…perhaps we could say on the other end of the spectrum. It’s a new Frosty dessert: The Frosty Cookie Sundae made with Ghirardelli Chocolate. Yes another brand tie-in!


I think the QSR industry is seeing that by bringing other brands into the fold, they are able to attract new audiences with new menu items. It’s a formula that’s been working and appears to be continuing. We’ve certainly seen a lot of it at Taco Bell.


What will be next? I’m betting it won’t be long! What’s your experience? JIM