Reese Witherspoon for Crate & Barrel

I happened to catch the latest video installment with Reese Witherspoon as spokesperson for Crate & Barrel. This particular was about her obsession with pillows...summer pillows to be exact.

While I don't think this is necessarily breakthrough marketing, it is highly targeted and highly relateable for the Crate & Barrel shopper. Reese is being Reese, as charming and self-depricating as ever. Probably makes those who relate to her want to go buy new pillows. Which is exactly the point of content marketing, after all. Right?!?

Turns out that "pillows" wasn't Reese's first run with Crate & Barrel. Here's one where she talks about "The Equinox" (the day when the day is just as long as the night and vice versa)...

And before that, holiday entertaining...

Well done, and I'm sure watchable and exciting for the target audience. Borrowing from Reese's fan base to drive buying occassions online and off.

What's your experience? JIM