Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Every year The Pantone Color Institute (as in the color consultant company) announces the color of the year. The brand is quite influential in that the color of the year often ends up dictating trends in home design and fashion.

For 2017 was "Greenery," and Greenery was in fact everywhere.

So what about 2018? Back in December, Pantone decreed that it would be Ultra Violet! As in deep purple.

"Dramatically provocative and thoughtful! Meant to inspire originality..."

Ultra Violet is the color of “moving forward.” I'll buy that, we need to move forward! And I will probably literally end up buying that somewhere along the line. As in some new pillows, a sweater, or a cool watch band that I saw the other day.

Be on the lookout for Ultra Violet this year. It’s sure to be quite influential. What's your experience? JIM