Murphy Brown

We’ve seen a string of classic (shall I say vintage?!?) television shows set to return to television in what has become a highly competitive (shall I say high quality?!?) arena for content which now makes up “small screen” programming. As the programming gets more competitive, producers are looking for ways to up the game and find an audience. Iconic characters are a quick way to do that. I’m in!

Will & Grace has been a huge reboot, and hugely needed IMHO. Roseanne is set to come back...which will be interesting given the current political climate. From what I understand, the iconic That ‘70’s Show is an ironic draw amongst Gen Z, so perhaps that is sure to come back too? We shall see what’s up with that “must-see.”.

But nothing could be more appropriate, crazily even more so than The Mary Tyler Moore Show, than bringing back Murphy Brown. The timing is perfect on so many levels.

Murphy Brown!!! An empowered female leader. Journalist. Taking on social issues. Embracing single parenting. Dealing with health scares. Telling one’s truth (ala Oprah just recently).

Ten seasons. Multiple awards. And if you remember the headlines back in the day, mixing fiction with the real world, dealing with real world issues at the time.

I just happened to watch the movie Home Again (Reese Witherspoon) on a plane the other day, and Candance Bergen makes a bit more than a cameo appearance in it. She was a real highlight. A gem. It made me miss her. I made me miss Murphy Brown. And then I read the news.

Perfect timing. Can’t wait to embrace her again. We need her!

What’s your experience? JIM

PS - Just also read that Magnum PI and Cagney and Lacey is coming back too. ‘Tis the season.