Ellen and Cheerios

There are many good things to say about Ellen and her show Ellen. One is that she is very promotionally easy to work with...she loves a good brand sponsorship. And why not? She’s been able to leverage many a brand budget to do good work. And why shouldn’t she?

Her latest promotion with Cheerios is pretty good, and it’s pretty simple.

One Million Acts of Good.

Ellen is simply looking to tell one million stories where people have done something good... big or small. Simply upload your story to Ellen or write in to her or hashtag your goodness and she’ll pick up as many as she can to feature on Ellen or on her social media or in a round-up video.

Pretty simple.

But why Cheerios? Well part of their brand equity is to “create something good and make it go round.” This promo with Ellen and Ellen certainly fits that bill.


Great match up, IMHO. Congrats to both brands, Ellen and Cheerios.

What’s your experience? JIM

PS - Wonder if Cheerios will be a Super Bowl advertiser? Join us on Twitter for The Big Game at #SuperBowlExp where we’ll be discussing all of the advertising!