Will & Grace Returns!

To say that the television show Will & Grace had a profound effect on my adult life would be a huge understatement. The show was a breakout and a breakthrough at the time, shortly after I had myself come out as a gay man...in my 30's!

I chronicled it all in my book Out and About Dad. This was really the first television show (or really any pop culture venue) that portrayed gay people as normal, if that's a word that ever really applies to anything. Will was someone we could finally aspire to be like. He was a successful, happy, loyal, and yes normal man...who happened to be gay. With great, normal relationships with interesting "characters" in his life. A breakthrough! And Grace was the person you always wanted to be around because she accepted you for who you are, and vice versa.

And the show, I believe as a result, was an instant hit. It was part of the then "must see tv" from NBC. A breakout!

Will & Grace gave me permission to tell people that I too am gay. That was huge for me, you have no idea. Especially at that time in our culture. Perhaps we need it again in our culture.

Yes I came out as an adult before Will & Grace, and even before Ellen for that matter, but I hadn't told everyone. So their adventures certainly opened me to accept and embrace my own. And for that I am eternally grateful to all involved.

Well the good news is that the revolutionary show is coming back.

I for one can't wait...not only for the nostalgia but also for the cultural impact I know is about to happen again. Yes, history can repeat itself, although I'm betting it'll do so differently.

Here's the new trailer to get us all excited:

Yes, it's as if they never said goodbye.

I have a profound feeling that all those involved will be helping a lot more people, again. After all, laughter is the best medicine. And healer. And channel to acceptance.

Must see television all over again?!?

Thank you!  What's your experience? JIM.