Amazon Echo Look

We knew when Amazon Echo and Google Home hit the market sphere that we were gearing up for a paradigm shift of epic proportions. The minute I saw it, I knew the possibilities were seen in this April Fool's joke from Amazon "PetLexa:"

But honestly, this is no joke. The possibilities for how this technology can enhance our lives is endless. This one is for real...Echo Look for picking our fashionable outfits every day:

But the really cool part is that Echo Look has a bunch of other features like 360 fashion views, storing of outfits so you don't wear the same thing twice, and instant Instagram photo perfection. There's also a "Style Check" feature where using data and stylists, you can compare two outfits and Echo Look will tell you which is better on you. And of course you can buy outfits via Amazon too.

Incredible. This will only go as far as our imagination will take us.

Like this parody from SNL this week:

Let's watch this all explode! What's your experience? JIM