Capital One and The Brackets

It's March Madness, and it's mad this year! I was at an airport yesterday and everyone was crowded near the bars to watch the big screens. And there were big screams happening up and down the runway, I can tell you that!

It's made for an interesting season for The Bracket Challenge "presented" by Capital One. The Brackets are big every year, and this year was a big one for the Sponsor. March Madness isn't the only sports gaming sponsorship by Capital One...they've also done Bowl Mania for all of the college football bowls among others.

It's smart engagement beyond a simple advertising sponsorship...Capital One is getting in the game right along with the fans who are banking on their picks winning. All for the bragging rights, as they say.

But the brand is doing more than just The Brackets this year with a campaign series during the games that is picking up all the buzz. Capital One is THE brand of March Madness with "This Is March Madness" featuring some familiar friends.

With multiple executions:

In some pretty funny moments:

This last one even has a blooper reel:

Fabulous engagement and a fabulous brand voice during a very engaging time of year! Best in class at play here!

Well done, Cap One!

What's your experience? JIM