Carrefour Italy - Baby Night

If you're going to really connect with your consumers, then you have to show them that you get them and that you get how they live their lives. And show them that you are there to help them in their points of pain.

Which is exactly what Carrefour in Italy did when they started "Baby Night."

Recognizing (and sympathizing) that new parents are often up all night with newborn babies, Carrefour launched a website that's only open from 1:00am - 5:00am. It specifically offers discounts on key baby items, and the discounts get deeper as the night goes on. The later you are up with your baby then the more you save.

Take a look at this video:

So smart; I wish I had thought of it myself! Not to mention that it's probably nearly impossible for these new parents to venture out of the house to go shopping at all.

Truly showing that this brand understands parents' lives, and is committed to somehow making it all easier.


What's your experience?  JIM