Campaign Ad from Valerie Plame for Congress

It’s starting…


We will soon be entering election season here in the US and you know what that means? Campaign advertising. Admittedly, as a consumer, I hate it all and click it all off immediately, regardless of the “side.”. Very little of it is interesting or effective in my mind, as a consumer and actually as a marketer too.

Not everyone agrees, but to my eye candidates are brands. Personal brands, perhaps. Much of the last major election in the US was fought and lost/won on branding IMHO. The candidates that present themselves as a cohesive brand with a central message, distinct voice, and compelling positioning/benefit and more clearly understood.

So here’s a new campaign ad from a candidate in New Mexico running for Congress. Not commenting on the politics here at all, just on the branding. And the messaging. And the overall positioning. Clear and concise, I will say that. Take a look:

Now if all of the campaign advertising were this well done, well then it might be interesting to pay attention to it!

What’s your experience? JIM.