Skittles at the Super Bowl?


Now that we know what teams will actually be playing at The Superbowl this year, the annual hype for all of the advertising will certainly start to kick in. I, for one, can't wait! I love it every single year.

Sure, the traditional :30 and :60 spots are fun to debate, but it's the off-broadcast activity that is often even more interesting. And we are starting to be able to count on brand Skittles to give us some good off-broadcast fodder.

Last year, Skittles didn't run a spot during the game but instead produced a full production piece of advertising for just one person (who won a contest) to see it. It's never seen the light of day except for one person! Lots of hype.

This year the brand again announced that it won't be advertising during the game, but will instead put on a thirty-minute (as opposed to :30) Broadway Show in Times Square staring Michael C. Hall with a full team of Broadway-experienced writers, directors, and producers. Tickets have already gone on sale! Lots of hype.

Can you just see the social content coming out of all of this!?!

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What's your experience? JIM.

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