KFC and Cheetos


There have been a number of mashups with Cheetos in the last few years … one of my personal favs was when Regal Cinemas did a Cheetos popcorn. Love.

Well now KFC is stacking Cheetos into their fried chicken sandwich, along with a dusting of Cheetos on the fried chicken itself. Yum. But just for a limited run, probably to test its popularity.

I have a feeling we have a winner here.

It’s smart for one brand to leverage the equity and fan base of another. I’m sure that in this case KFC is counting on the consumer love of Cheetos to bring in new consumers. Makes sense. And it’s probably delicious too.

How about Doritos and Pizza Hut?

What’s your experience? Any other mashups that make sense to you? JIM

Jim JosephComment