HQ Trivia Host Joins Chase

If you're not familiar with HQ Trivia, it's a "new" trivia game that runs twice a day via an app. Literally hundreds of thousands of players engage for each session, with the winners splitting the prize fund. It's quite the sensation.

As a result, the comedian turned host, Scott Rogowsky, has become a bit of a phenom particularly among the Gen Z (college aged) crowd (those born between the years 1996 - 2010). These are the kids who saw their parents get destroyed in the Great Recession (yeah, I was there too!), so of course they'd take a turn at winning some cash. They are a generation unique unto themselves, and they are just hitting stride in terms of their purchasing power.

So where am I going here?

Well it turns out that Chase (as in the bank) hired Scott Rogowsky to appear in a series of digital and ATM messages, targeting Gen Z. Including a fun little stunt:

Now of course you would have no idea who this gentleman is if you don't play HQ, but I think that's the point...targeting. Clever targeting. Clever targeting amongst a group of people making their financial choices for the first time.

What's your experience? JIM.