Honey Maid Continues ...

It's one thing to come up with a breakthrough campaign, one that really reflects and impacts pop culture. Honey Maid did that with its portrayal of "wholesome families" two years ago with "This is Wholesome." Other brands have done similar campaigns, although few as well as Honey Maid.

But it's another thing to continue that messaging and that campaign with greater and greater connectivity and impact. Very few brands are able to follow up and continue what they've started with a unique combination of continuity and consistency along with fresh approaches.

Honey Maid has done just that, again.

The brand has quietly been releasing video content about families, all kinds of families, and showing how family is all about love and support. It's a message that shouldn't ever get old, and Honey Maid is certainly proving it. So inspiring.

The brand tackles many family issues...like adoption:

Fear and prejudice:


And cultural norms:

I'm in awe. And as a marketer, I marvel at how the product is seamlessly woven into the context without appearing to be overt or "selling." Well done.

Love when a brand continues what it started.

What's your experience? JIM