The Kelly Clarkson Show


There’s a new talk show host in town…Kelly Clarkson. She debuted her show yesterday on September 9, 2019. In advance of the debut, Kelly released this little teaser, a cover of Dolly Parton’s hit “9 to 5,” which honestly is one of my all time favs. #GuiltyPleasure. But if you notice in the teaser, she doesn’t actually finish the song…

…she doesn’t actually finish the song until she comes on stage for her debut show! Wow!

Wonder if she’ll start every show with a song?!? Steve Carrell’s “Kelly Clarkson” got me! If you did’t get it, then do some Google work and you’ll quickly get a laugh! Kelly Clarkson!!!

I will admit that I was a bit skeptical about the talk show format still having relevance. The “9 to 5” stunt was a smart one, showing that Kelly is all about what it’s like to get through the work day. And while I’m betting not everyone will tune into the show live, we will likely be seeing lots and lots of video clips. ROLL THE CLIP!

It’ll be a bit before we see the ratings, but I’m all about your success, Kelly!

And a little hint for Kelly…release the single!

What’s your experience? JIM