Originated in Seattle


I was in Seattle this past weekend for a friend’s birthday bash. I’ve been to the city a few times, but always for work at Microsoft so I never really got to explore much until now.

What a great city! Now I understand why so many people love it here. We have a lot of friends in Palm Springs with ties to Seattle, so now I appreciate their hometown even more!

But what surprised me more than anything is the enormity of the business center that is Seattle. I had no idea so many companies have originated there. Of course I knew about Starbucks and couldn’t wait to go visit the original on Pike Place. I mean I drink Pike Place so I should visit, right?!? And then we visited the first Reserve Roastery where the brand first expanded its retail experience.

Right nearby the original Starbucks is Sur La Table (the cooking store) and it's original location. Right next door to that brand is Beecher’s Cheese and their first spot.


Boeing got its start in Seattle, as we all know Amazon ‘s roots as well. And, yum, Cinnabon too. Costco too! So did Eddie Bauer!


Wow! Of course these are just the biggies, there are many many other tech and non-tech companies that call Seattle their original home. Impressive!

I hope to be there a lot more often! What’s your experience? JIM

PS - Someone reminded me that I forgot one… Nordstrom! Of course! I even went to their flagship store!

PPS - Went to Amazon HQ to see The Spheres. Kinda cool. Not as big as I thought they’d be, but interesting enough and certainly creative!

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