Starbucks Gets Magnificent

43,000 square feet of coffee?!?


After announcing its intention more than two years ago, the world’s largest Starbucks will open in Chicago on November 15, 2019 on the famed Magnificent Mile. Dare I say…not only is it the world’s largest Starbucks, it must be the world’s largest coffee shop of any brand. Right?!?

There are sure to be special effects throughout the 4-story facility. Quite the retail experience, I am sure.

Which is exactly the point, I am sure as well. Retail experience.

When so much of retail is spinning out, here comes Starbucks with something even bigger. Bolder. Magnificent. Giving people more of what they want. Like specialty roasts and mixologists. Moments and events that you can’t get anywhere else. A destination worthy of some extra time. A destination on the Magnificent Mile.

I bet soon we will be hearing about 5th Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Champs de Elysse, etc, etc.

The call of a true leader. What’s your experience? JIM

PS - Forgot to mention when I first wrote this that the location is the original Crate & Barrel building/store from back in the day. When that first opened it was an incredible shopping experience and really redefined furniture and home accessories merchandising for years to come. It was exciting. So much so that I was shocked and bummed when it ultimately closed. Glad to see a great use of the space!