Announcing "Scotch Select"


If you’re going to be a brand that stays relevant in the midst of changing dynamics, then you better continually reinvent. But reinvention doesn’t have to be complete innovation. You can borrow what’s worked in other categories to stay fresh.

“Marketing is a Spectator Sport,” and we can all learn from each other.

Which is exactly what fashion brand Scotch & Soda (full disclosure, it’s one of my go-to’s) just launched a rental subscription service for men called “Scotch Select.” It’s the first of its kind in men’s fashion.

For $99 a month, men can “rent” clothing to try to clothing to either wear it once or buy it at a discount. Or simply return it all together. Scotch Select is backed by a third party operating system that manages all of the logistics.

It’s kinda smart. Borrowed from other industries for sure, but kinda smart. For the shopper who doesn’t like to shop but likes to switch out his look. For the shopper who isn’t sure if he likes until he tries. For the shopper for whom perhaps ordinary retail models no longer work.

For a brand that wants to continually reinvent.

Smart. What’s your experience? JIM