Ralph Lauren and "Friends" 25th Anniversary


This is a really cool collaboration! To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the iconic show “Friends,” Ralph Lauren is launching a capsule collection of fashion for work at Bloomingdale’s. If you’re a fan of the show then you’ll know why this makes perfect sense: the ever-so-popular character Rachel (played by Jennifer Anniston) worked at Bloomingdale’s and then worked her way up to work at Ralph Lauren. She even “met” Ralph in the elevator one day!


It’s quite brilliant and it’s getting quite the buzz. Evidently the clothes themselves are quite shop-able.

Which is clearly the point for Bloomingdale’s, and for Ralph Lauren too. Retail is struggling right now. So by bringing in some nostalgia and an exclusive line, the brands are giving consumers a reason to come back for a unique experience. It appears to be working.


I mean…who doesn’t remember these iconic images and episodes?!? Now with updated clothing!

What’s your experience? JIM