And the 2019 Emmy for Best Advertising Goes To...



I’m not sure that I ever noticed before, but evidently the Emmy Awards recognizes advertising. And this year’s winner was Nike for its “Dream Crazy” campaign that launched with none other than Colin Kaepernick. If you’re in marketing, I’m sure you remember it well. Here’s the spot:

Keep in mind that this was just one execution of the overall campaign. A campaign that had been quite literally been building for years and year. Serena Williams weighed in last fall too:

Granted, the campaign drew a lot of controversy and perhaps highlighted the polarity of what is our culture at the moment. But it’s hard not to say that this campaign of this magnitude deserves an award of this magnitude. The campaign also won the best of the best at the Cannes Festival of Creativity this year as well, which is the epitome of awards for the marketing industry. And the campaign probably every other major industry show as well. It’s that good IMHO and evidently in a lot of others’ opinions as well.

Agree? What’s your experience? JIM