Hanes "Every Bod"

Here we go…


Underwear marketing can be, well, interesting to say the least. I tell my students at NYU all the time that brands have to find the emotional insight if they’re going to connect with their consumers. The underwear category has a lot of potential for emotional insight, I must say.

One of my students brought up this new campaign to discuss: “Every Bod” from Hanes. It’s the brand’s attempt, in my words, to tell men that they should be content with whatever body-type they have. No “dad bod” shaming here and, well, no shaming of anyone here.

And yes, men experience body shaming much like women do. Perhaps differently and not to the same extent, but body shaming for men does exist. Been there myself.

Here comes Hanes addressing it, in a light handed manner. We’ve seen this in the women’s category much more overtly, but I’m not sure we’ve seen it as much in the men’s category. At least not as directly. Give it a look:

“Every bod is happy in Hanes.” Love that concept and that line.

Just like I tell my students, “I’ll let you be the judge of that!” So that do you think…what’s your experience? JIM

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