Pampers - A Baby Changes Everything

Hello parents, is this ever true…


Pampers just recently introduced us to a new parenting video that is perhaps one of the most relatable ever…”a baby changes everything.” That is for sure! While likely not the first time we’ve ever heard this from a brand, I’m sure parents the world over are still nodding in agreement, which is likely the brand’s objective!

“Love the change!” As in the changes that the baby brings as well as the diaper change and the chance to bond. Great tie to brand and product. With beautiful cinematography.

Meanwhile… the race to launch a smart diaper is on with Pampers recently announcing the development of a new diaper that will send an alert to your phone when you’re baby has wet its diaper. Last year a Korean diaper brand similarly announced a diaper that will soon send a text message to announce baby’s poop.

Too much? Too soon? Too tech? None of the above?

What’s your experience? JIM