I recently became aware of a fabulous company that is completely dedicated to mentorship for those who are, as they say, under-represented in the workplace. Dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

Werkin. (and btw, I love the logo!)

Get it?!? Love it! The founder, Hayley Sudbury, is indeed fabulous, which you can see in this Ted Talk:

The company has just created a special mentorship program for WorldPride, for folks specific to the LGBT+ community who often have little to no business mentorship opportunities. Back in the day when I was early in my career, I know that I personally was all alone. Now, there’s no reason for anyone to feel that way.


Learn more about Werkin with Pride by clicking here! Fabulous! What a great way to give back!

And if you’d like to directly get involved, send Werkin a note by clicking here!

What’s your experience? JIM

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