I Saw a Legend - Barbra Streisand

So how was your weekend?


My weekend was amazing! How many weekends can you say that you saw a legend?!? I saw and witnessed Barbra Streisand in Madison Square Garden in NYC on Saturday and it was a moment of a lifetime (a first for me). It appeared to be a moment for her as well, since it’s been 13 years since she’d performed at The Garden. She clearly had a tear in her eye when she first walked out on stage to thunderous applause. This is her town!

I’ll admit that I’m not necessarily a mega-fan, but I have admired her music and films through the years. But no matter what, hearing someone of her stature and legacy blow out history-making hit after hit was just mind blowing. Evergreen, The Way We Were, People, Enough is Enough, and of course her catalog of Broadway showstoppers.

At one point she showed us a slide show of pictures from when she first lived in New York (Manhattan) as she built her career in local (gay) clubs and then Broadway. Broadway!

Yes, her politics came shining through but if you’re going to attend a Streisand concert then you know what you’re getting into. I personally didn’t appreciate the folks shouting back to her to “Just Sing” because honestly it’s her show. But there was no way I was going to let them ruin the moment.

As I wrote in my book Out and About Dad, witnessing icons sign their signature songs is an amazing life experience. I’ve seen Linda Ronstadt sing Desperado, Donna Summer sing Last Dance, Bruce Springsteen sing Thunder Road, and Queen sing Bohemian Rapsody. And now I’ve heard Barbra Streisand sing Don’t Rain on My Parade.

‘Nuff Said.

What’s your experience? JIM

PS - Here’s an update: a few nights later in Chicago, Barbra brought up a special guest to help her sing her Donna Summer duet classic:

And if you haven’t heard the original or heard it lately, here goes…an iconic classic!