True Sons Hair & Beard Dye


There’s a new hair and beard dye out for Men that appears to be looking to change the game for men looking to dye their hair. Check out this campy new video to introduce the product:

“From beard to balls.” Never heard that before in a hair dye product, and I’m not sure many thought it was even possible with a hair dye. Plus the brand makes it seem so simple for what is likely otherwise a very intimidating process for the average guy. Not to mention tackling the hair on your head, face, and body…presumably getting it all to match.

I love that the brand is tackling this taboo topic not just of hair dyes for men but for treating the entire body. Much like the “manscaping’ taboo topic that came before it, which is now somewhat the norm. Perhaps True Sons will do the same here.

What’s your experience? JIM