Snickers - Move Halloween


There’s been a movement afoot for quite some time to move the official date of Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October so that no matter the year, Halloween will always be on a Saturday. The rationale is that then the kids have all day to go trick-or-treating in the safety of daylight and without the pressures of school. Adults, too, can enjoy the holiday without the schedules of work.

Makes sense to me. Whenever Halloween falls on a weekend it always feels like it’s a lot more fun. When I was a kid and how as an adult. I’m in.

Evidently Snickers thinks it makes a lot of sense. As a major Halloween brand, I’d say that they can certainly have a say. So while they’ve been lobbying to move the holiday, they are also putting some skin the game as they say.

Meaning…Snickers will give out a million candy bars if the holiday is permanently moved to the last Saturday in October every single year.

Smart. Well played. What’s your experience? JIM