Soy Porque Somos

Sometimes the universe sends us a signal…


My New Year’s Resolution this year is to regain my use of the Spanish language. I was once quite fluent and I really want it back! So I’ve been taking online classes via Babbel and trying to complete a lesson each morning. Not always a 100% and I don’t always get 100% but it’s fun to be back in the Spanish game.

I work closely with our Latin America markets and am in fact in Mexico City right now. When I arrived, I went to the hotel bar to grab a bite to eat and was instantly struck by this artwork (above) on the neighboring building’s wall.

“Soy Porque Somos”

Now because I’m learning Spanish again, I know what that means!

“I Am Because We Are”

WOW. “Soy Porque Somos” is essentially a main theme from my book Out and About Dad.

I wouldn’t be Jim without the support of so many through the years and I wouldn’t be Jim without my family. Soy Porque Somos. I find it all so inspiring!

And…it reminds me years ago of the Resident Advisor (RA) during my first year of college at Cornell. He would always say to us, “Si Se Puede.”

“Yes You Can.”

He would say it to us every single day as we approached our (intimidating) freshman year. Freshman year can be quite intimidating academically and socially. I still feel it with every single Facebook post that shows my friends kids going off to college. I certainly felt it when my kids first went off to college.

“Si Se Puede” got me through that first year and for what turned out to be an amazing four years at Cornell.

“Soy Porque Somos” gets me through all the stuff now! Now I just know it in Spanish which for some reason is all so much better!

What’s your experience? JIM