I Met Another Legend - Jean Georges


It’s been an amazing summer in New York City…we actually LOVE staying in Manhattan in the summer (rather than whisking off to the country or the beach) because the city is just so accessible when everyone else is away. We get to do so many fun things, with ease. Like going see Barbra Streisand and Barry Manilow as I have already written about. I got to see two legends in action this summer! How amazing!

Little did I know that I’d get to actually meet another legend, Chef Jean Georges. A legend in the food world!

You see, four years ago I married my husband (after being together for seventeen years) and we had our celebration at the iconic restaurant Jean Georges in New York City. Our two kids were our witnesses.


We now go back to Jean Georges NYC every year to celebrate our anniversary, and this summer was no exception. But it was exceptional! In talking to the manager that evening, she told us that the Chef was opening a new place in Philadelphia. Long story short, she said that she would try to get us a reservation there because we just so happened to be planning a trip to Philly to see our daughter the following weekend.

Next thing we know, out pops Chef Jean Georges to say hello and to tell us about the new restaurant in Philly.

A living legend. I met another legend!

Needless to say, the experience at the new Jean Georges in Philadelphia was second to none…well perhaps only second to the one in New York but you know what I mean. The food, the service, the views! Wow! Just a wow! The host, the servers, and our emcee for the night were all amazing. And the food, well, Jean Georges!


It was an experience I will never forget. Experiencing both of these restaurants and meeting the legend behind it all was nothing short of incredible.

Thank you! JIM