Lewis Miller Design - NYC Small Business Owner


I get asked with great frequency how small businesses can do the kind of marketing that we speak about with big brands. My answer is generally the same: simply apply the same principles but on a smaller more local scale.

Which is why this local florist in New York City made me smile when I saw what he does with left over flowers from his events.

Lewis Miller Design is the florist…you can read about his “flower flashes” here. Basically, Lewis takes the flowers left over from events and then repurposes them into an amazing arrangement on the streets of NY to brighten up those who pass by. It’s like a flower-takeover in graffiti style. To make NYC more beautiful!


And that’s exactly what it is…beautiful, and smart. Lewis is garnering quite the positive reputation and goodwill for his local business, by creating an experience that people value, remember, and share. Just like the big brands.

What’s your experience? JIM