The Return of the Popsicle Double Stick

Here it is, the heat of the summer…


Who says that social media can’t change the world?

Bear with me, this is a bit of a story. Evidently, Justin Bieber tweeted his disappointment to learn that Popsicle was no longer making its Double Stick. The Double Stick, as I’m sure you are aware, is a staple of summer.

Popsicle, upon seeing said tweet, said that if it received one hundred thousand retweets then it would return the Double Stick to stores. Well the brand received over that amount, rather quickly, so Popsicle made another announcement that it would bring back the beloved Double Stick. That came on National Ice Cream Day.

Well played. Very well played. There are no coincidences in marketing.

It’s back! I’ve had many many of them in my day and I just may partake again. In this sweltering NYC heat!

What’s your experience? JIM