Pabst Hard Coffee

“When you want a drink and a coffee…”


There has been a lot of activity in the beverage space…specifically in the “hard” beverage space where wine and beer and spirits are involved and particularly in the coffee space where, well, coffee and caffeine are involved.

Now there’s a new entrant that is currently in limited test release in a few key states…Pabst Hard Coffee. The brand says there’s a little booze in there along with coffee, cream, and a whipped vanilla flavor. Some have compared it to Yoohoo.

I need to personally give it a try. But within the mix of new beverages coming out, like beer that tastes like breakfast cereal, I personally find it all very interesting to not only see what comes next but to see what sticks.

And BTW, a great way to get the Pabst name back in circulation!

What’s your experience? JIM