You Never Know Who You Might Be Helping


I was recently on a trip with my husband, staying at a hotel. No surprise there!

I was taught by a colleague a long time ago to always leave a tip on the table next to the bed for the cleaning staff. I typically leave a few dollars each morning. So of course, on this trip I did exactly the same…but because I forgot for a few days and was staying for several, one of those mornings I left a much more sizable tip.

When I got back to the room that night, I found the note above. From Natasha, our cleaning helper.

What an amazing surprise! And a not so subtle reminder that you never know when someone might be in need and you never know who you might be helping with just some simple kindness and thoughtfulness.

That’s because Natasha helped me…I was feeling exhausted and down and generally bummed out, and this little note picked me right up. Right up!

Thank you, Natasha. Hope to see you again. JIM