LEGO "The Upside Down"

This is my third post in as many weeks about the show Stranger Things. First it was IKEA Famous Rooms then New Coke and now…


…there’s “The Upside Down” LEGO kit. Designed for a friends/family shared experience, the kit flips between the real world and The Upside Down. Mixing today’s world with the entertainment world with a nostalgic world with play. That’s a whole lot of flipping!

The hit show also just released the soundtrack from Season Three, coming on July 4th, featuring a bunch of songs from the 1980’s sure to add even more fever to the show’s season premiere. 1985 is the year to be exact. I was a senior in college, and this song and performer was making huge waves:

Sorry, had to just throw in a little pop culture history!

What’s your experience? JIM