Google Creatability at 2019 Cannes Lions

This will likely be my last post about the 2019 Cannes Lions..


Google was a big part of my Cannes Lions experience this week, at their Google Beach. The brand had a huge installation on the beach that was not only a refuge to grab a drink and plug in your phone, but also housed great content. And then of course Thursday was Pride Day with a big Pride Month celebration on Thursday night. I owe a lot of my positive Cannes experience to Google.

So I’d be remiss to not mention Google in my series of posts on Cannes Lions award-winning work. Google Creatability hits on every important element not only for Cannes but for me personally. It’s all about creativity and expressing individual creativity in all forms. It’s all about academic partnerships to advance learning. It combines the latest technologies including AI to progress our learning. And most importantly, it’s all about inclusivity giving everyone and anyone a chance to be their own creative despite any obstacles that may be in their way.

Bravo! Award-winning! Take a look:

Since the Cannes Lions is all about creativity and since creativity should be for everyone, this one’s a winner for me too!

What’s your experience? JIM