The Burgers at the 2019 Cannes Lions

The Burger Wars continue at Cannes…


There was a lot of burger action going at the Cannes Lions this year, with two stand-out winners. The first from Burger King with “The Whopper Detour.” In essence, consumers could get a Whopper for one-cent if they download the Burger King app at a McDonald’s. Brilliantly competitive. Sales through the roof.

But there’s more…

The other big winner was Wendy’s with their Fortnight game where a new character, looking much like the Wendy’s character, goes into the infamous game and fights against frozen beef. Eventually, the character enters all of the burger joints and installs fridges to store fresh beef. Because, well, Wendy’s only uses fresh beef. Brilliantly competitive again.

Important to note that there’s always a lot written, in the last few year anyway, that the only winners at Cannes are those that are cause related or take a stand or solve an environmental issue. Not so much with these two winners. Straight up product promo.


Both are straight up product promos that are brilliantly executed and fundamentally creative. Taking the competition straight on which isn’t always easy or successful. No wonder these two were such big winners.

What’s your experience? JIM.

Jim JosephComment