Verizon "Love Calls Back"

This new video brings back an amazing campaign from Pride 2018…


Last year for Pride, Verizon brought us an heart-warming campaign featuring people calling their loved ones to come out. The stories were moving, and it was okay that it was coming from Verizon because these folks were literally calling people on their mobiles to talk to them about their lives. I love when a product, a brand, and a cultural moment can all come together.

The stories were inspiring and motivating…and all relatively positive. We all know in reality that not all families are accepting when people come out. Many are rejected from the first moment and many struggle to gain understanding.

This year, one year later, Verizon is showing us others sides of people’s stories in “Love Calls Back.” Equally moving if not more so, as we hear about the struggle for understanding..

For those who may say this is just another company trying to sell its products to the gay community…This campaign is more than a video. The brand is also continuing to support PFLAG, an organization that is all about supporting families with LGBT+ members, for the third year in a row. Reaching real families in their real struggles, not just in video format.

Verizon has long been a supporter of Pride, and I’m thrilled to see the brand tackle what is the hardest part of coming out…family acceptance.

What’s your experience? JIM.