Gillette's #FirstShave

This is indeed the best a man can get…


…and the best a dad can get.

In what I would consider to be the latest in a series of videos where Gillette shows men supporting men and dads supporting their sons, we have a dad helping his transgender son shave for the first time. #FirstShave.

Think about it. The range of emotions must be overwhelming.

The first shave is a teachable moment for sure, and far more stressful than you can imagine unless you’ve also gone through it. I remember the moment with my dad and then again with my son. Imagine the stress for someone who has also been transitioning.

It warms my heart to hear how happy this young man is. Warms my heart. And to see his dad so actively supporting him is just beyond words. Inspiring.

Brands can certainly serve as role models for our collective society, helping to change perceptions and attitudes. #FirstShave is certainly doing that!

Thank you, Gillette, once again. What’s your experience? JIM