Lacoste #Crocodile Inside

Bringing more meaning to the Lacoste Crocodile…


Lacoste just recently released its latest film where love conquers all. Beautifully shot and very dramatic, and obviously full of Lacoste clothing! Take a look:

“Life is a Beautiful Sport.” Love it. There’s an entire filmography outlined on the brand’s website, complete with behind the scenes content where you get to see more of the #CrocodileInside. Clever. Click here to take a look.

This is not Lacoste’s first film in the series, and in fact here’s another dramatic episode from two years ago:

Such an iconic brand with great longevity. This kind of content marketing is such a great way, if done right, for the brand to rise above its own product line and insert itself more into pop culture via entertaining storytelling. While the products are there, it’s the storyline that pulls consumers in and brings them a reason to engage with the brand. This is well done, IMHO.

And I’m a fan from a personal perspective as well. I actually wrote about Lacoste and my own personal interaction with its exceptional customer service in my book The Experience Effect. It’s a standout brand in my book, literally! On a mini-trip to Florida when my son was much younger, the sales people treated him like gold. He became a young fan as a result.

What’s your experience? JIM