IKEA Pride Bag

The big IKEA bag is arguably one of the most iconic symbols of not only the brand, but also in retail. For my own family, IKEA bags have gotten us through many a back-to-school session and household move.

It’s a classic and a staple.

So when a highly recognizable item like the IKEA bag makes a public statement, you know it’s going to impact culture. And when the statement is absent of any words, then it’s all the more powerful. So with that, I’m not going to say any words either:


Right in time for Pride Month, starting June 1st. They are $3.99 and the proceeds go to HRCF to fund programs for LGBT+ children, youth, and families. Right in time for that too!

And yet another iconic brand is making a similar statement:


While other brands have perhaps been there already:


Household icons changing our popular culture. I’m very proud.

What’s your experience? JIM

PS - I’ve gotten my fair share of Pride-wear this year. Including my custom Converse:


And a Champion t:


They’ll both go great sporting an IKEA Pride Bag!

Jim JosephComment