The Taco Bell Hotel

As the brand says, “nacho average hotel…”


I’ve never gotten more requests to write about any other brand activity than this announcement from Taco Bell that they are opening a new hotel.

As noted in the release, the hotel comes complete with Bell’hops and Baja Blasts, and will open in the amazing little desert community of Palm Springs, CA.

Now maybe that’s why I got so many requests…because I live in that amazing little community! And it’s opening on August 9th which is my wedding anniversary!

The Palm Springs area is home to Coachella, Stage Coach, and the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament among other huge events…and I have to say that the town’s Chamber of Commerce has something going on almost every single weekend - like Modernism Week which is also a big draw. There’s lots and lots of brand activity happening all of the time. Pop-ups galore!

This hotel is a pop-up of its own since it’s only open for a limited time right in the heat of the desert summer. It’ll likely be over 120 degrees. Hot!

I think it’s fascinating to see a brand expand its equity into new territories. Perhaps this is a test for future openings or simply a way to generate a ton of content in a short amount of time. A content studio of sorts.

Since it is in the heat of the summer, you know the Taco Bell Hotel will be filled with die-hard fans of the brand and of the town.

Stay tuned because I have a feeling we’ll be reading and seeing a lot more about this.

What’s your experience? JIM