War Paint for Men

“Makeup Designed for Men, By Men.”


I know, I’ve been writing a lot about the beauty industry lately! Sorry.

Cosmetics for Men has been the “it” category to crack for decades. Thirty years ago we were talking about skin care for men and we’re still talking about that too. But right now it’s all about makeup for men. And all of the brands are trying to figure it out.

Well there’s a new one out, just for men that was created by men. War Paint.

When the War Paint brand first launched, there was a lot of discussion that the brand went a bit too far. Too masculine. Too much. Too much toxic masculinity. I’m not sure about that. But there are a lot of tattoos and a lot of muscle power.

“Men’s skin is naturally tougher. More naturally moisturized.”

Many said that at a time when our society is getting rid of gender norms, it makes no sense for a makeup brand for men to come along and reinforce those gender norms. Many also said that at a time when many makeup brands are coming out with more and more shades/options to reflect the diversity of our society, it makes no sense for a makeup brand for men to come along and not show diversity. Many said that it makes no sense for a brand to be so targeted.

See what you think:

I see the point but I also see the point of targeting. This is targeting. So I asked my class at NYU to see what they think. The net net with the students was that there are plenty of brands around to suit the needs of men so why do we need another one just for men. They simply asked the question, “Why does the world need a makeup brand for men.” I don’t know, I still see it as targeting. With very specific imagery, that’s for sure.

Here’s a beauty influencer having the debate with a friend:

Net net, it’s a good thing for anyone to want to wear makeup and it’s even better for anyone to feel free to wear makeup. Did this brand go too far, maybe. Or if it’s appealing to a specific market then maybe it’s all just fine. As long as people get to do whatever they want to do.

What do you think? What’s your experience? JIM