Patagonia and Corporate Branding

You know the saying, “Put your money where your mouth is.”


… and that’s exactly what Patagonia is doing with its (what I’ll call) corporate branding group. You know, where you get a Patagonia fleece vest with the logo of your company on it.

The Patagonia brand is a hot commodity in this particular space, but evidently the Patagonia company isn’t going to give its name to just any company. It’s being careful about the company it keeps.

Makes sense - smart branding.

Evidently Patagonia will only give its merch to other companies that have some sort of shared values. If you know Patagonia, then you know it’s all about public lands, conservation, and protection of natural resources (my words). So if a company that isn’t in synch with that, there will be no Patagonia co-branded fleece. Or any other Patagonia wear.

Makes sense - smart branding.

So if you do the math, Patagonia could in fact probably sell more product if it so choose. But it’s putting its values above its profits. That’s putting your money where your brand is.

Makes sense - smart branding. And very conscious!

What’s your experience? JIM