Harry's - Shave or Don't

Representation matters…


The shaving brand Harry’s recently launched a new video that accomplishes quite a bit in a short amount of time.

First of all it tackles the age-old question of “to shave or not to shave.” Fashion trends and pop culture often direct the answer to that question, although current pop culture conversations tend to leave that in the hands of the blade holder. Or the blade holders significant other.

But the video also does something else much more meaningful…the brand includes everyone in its story. Everyone, including a transgender man.

Representation in any form, including in marketing and advertising, is huge. It drives acceptance and it drives pop culture norms. The more we normalize the entire range that makes up our society, the more we literally save lives. It’s that important. Representation matters.

So while this little ditty is about whether to shave or not, it’s really at the end of the day doing much more than that. It’s showing diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and life as we know it. I hope that other brands take a cue, and include as much representation that matters as they can.

Thank you, Harry’s! What’s your experience? JIM