Roam Luggage x Parke & Ronen

Gotta love when two brands you love come together…


While it’s a small indie men’s brand, Parke & Ronen is one of my favorite go-to’s for swimwear and t-shirts. The brand’s original shop is located in Chelsea, New York and the designer is often on hand to help pick a look. He’s fabulous, as are his creations.

But truthfully, it’s not a super well-known brand so I was a bit surprised to see the mashup with Roam Luggage, not that Roam is a big brand either. But it too is pretty fab. And in a world where indie brands are starting to rule (particularly online), what’s not to love when you see these two come together?!?

Perhaps that’s the point: two indie brands coming together to leverage each other’s aesthetic and each other’s audience to drive new users and new sales. To create a combined “look” that is pretty, well, fab. Have to say, the design is spot on.

Begs the question…what indie brand could your brand match up with? What’s your experience? JIM