David Hasselhoff for Happy Socks

This one will bring back some memories …


You may not be familiar with the brand Happy Socks. They are colorful, fun socks that, well, make you happy. Who doesn’t love to see pink polka dots sticking out from a shoe?

In what I would describe as a totally fun campaign, Happy Socks is saluting the anticipation of summer by declaring that winter is gone…and it’s time to put on some Happy Socks for the summer. And by the looks of it, there’s more than just socks now.

I’m in.

The campaign stars none other than David Hasselhoff, in total David Hasselhoff style. I’m totally in.

The Hoff is a legend, an icon, a campy star…and a great way to think about summer. He is summer! Any time of the year. I think this is brilliant, given the brand and its offering and its style. Coming to a social feed near you!

What’s your experience? JIM