April Fools' Day - 2019


Today is April 1st, better known as April Fools’ Day! The brands will be out in full force with gag campaigns and fun stunts all designed to make us chuckle and to think more positively about them.

I will certainly be on the lookout. The Super Bowl and April Fools’ Day have become the two biggest marketing moments of the year.

Here’s one right out of the gate that deserves a mention already, mostly because I wish it wasn’t a joke!

LEGO announced a new app that helps you sort through and find the exact brick you’re looking for when building your (child’s) masterpiece. I seriously could have used that back in the day!

Why does this have to be a joke!?! Luckily, the feet protectors that the brand created a year or two ago were no joke!

What’s your experience? JIM